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Blog Design Terms and Conditions

Please read prior to placing your order:

  • PayPal is the preferred method of Payment. Other payment methods may be arranged in advance, and prior to reserving your spot in the queue.

  • You will be placed in the queue upon reciept of both your questionaire and payment of your deposit. I will contact you by email with the estimated time to begin your project.

  • Keep in mind that I may be sending you frequent emails to gather information, and to have you approve each step of the design process.

  • Please note that excessive redos, above and beyond the normal tweaking, will be charged an additional hourly rate of $25/hour. If you change your mind and back out of the queue, your deposit will be refunded less a $25 fee to cover my Paypal and bookkeeping costs as well as the business I lose/turn away because of the spot you hold.

  • I retain intellectual property of your design, and require that all parts of the blog's design remain intact. If you wish to purchase high-resolution digital files of your graphics, you may do so for $95.

  • I also offer individual design items to freshen up your blog. Because I publish your blog as my work, it reflects my design ability. If you alter it, it is no longer a reflection of my work. I am happy to work with you when you are ready for changes.

  • By submitting your questionnaire and deposit, you agree to the terms and conditions listed here.

  • A button announcing that Fruition Designs did your makeover will be installed in your sidebar. You are free to place it wherever you'd like on your sidebar(s), but please do not alter or remove it. (Commercial projects are not required to host the button, but you are welcome to as well)

  • It is your responsibility to backup the design work provided by Fruition Designs. Fruition Designs will not save or back-up design work.

  • You are responsible to provide the content needed to meet any completion dates. If you fail to provide the specified content before the agreed completion date, payment in full is still due to Fruition Designs. Fruition Designs cannot be held responsible for any damage(s) to a business that occur because of issues in regards to design work completion if Fruition Designs was not provided content. If you are unable to provide content in a timely manner Fruition Designs reserves the right to choose to reschedule the design project according to the designer’s schedule. Fruition Designs also reserves the right to terminate a relationship in which content was not provided in a timely manner. Once content has been made provided and pages have been constructed with this content, additional changes will be made at our current hourly rate.