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Sending us your photos:

Please send as an attachment in an email to: karla@fruition-designs.com
Please be sure to indicate any preferences (cropping, zooming, black & white, etc) that you may have.
Can I send more than one photo?

Please limit the number of photographs you send to ten or less. Your order is not complete until we receive both your order form and your photographs.

If you do not send in the same amount of photos as your design preference features, please let us know so that your proofing time will not be delayed.

What kind of photos can I send?

You may send your digital images. We strongly recommend digital images be at least 1800x1200 pixels. This will allow a small bit of room for cropping and zooming, without compromising too much quality. Digital images with resolutions at least 1492x1104 can sometimes be used, but be aware that at this resolution, there is not typically room to do any zooming in. If you plan to do a vignette style announcement, digital images of 1280x960 may possibly work if it doesn't require a lot of zooming in. Lower resolution images cannot be used and cannot be changed to higher resolution. Although images smaller than 1280 x 960 dots look good on your computer screen, they will produce poor pictures with jagged edges and possibly with pixels showing. This is especially true once the images are cropped, edited, and resized. Please refer to your owner's manual for more information about setting the resolution on your camera.
If you are scanning your photos, you first want to make sure that your scanner is completely clean of fingerprints and dust, as these will show up and effect the quality of your photos. Next, make sure that the scanner is set to at least 300dpi/resolution. Save all scanned files as .jpg documents.
Due to copyright issues, we may not replicate images that were taken by a professional photographer without their written release. If your images were taken by a professional photographer please contact them and get a release prior to placing your order. If we think your images may have been taken by a professional photographer we will contact you to request that you provide a release. We have to abide by copyright laws; this is to protect both Fruition Designs and yourself.
How do I send images?
Images should be sent to us in jpeg (jpg) format.
Please make the subject of the email your last name and then number each email (i.e. 1 of 3). Many email programs have trouble sending large files and they do not get delivered properly, so we ask that photos are sent in small batches to ensure that they get to us. Please don’t hesitate to ask for confirmation that your photos have been received.

When sending us a digital image, send us the full, uncompressed, non-resized version.

Can you fix my damaged/undesirable photo?

Yes - We automatically make minor corrections including: cropping, color enhancement, blemish removal and some color tinting. If your image is unsuitable for print or is not correctable, we will let you know as well. The most difficult problem to correct is photos that are over or underexposed. Which means, if they are too dark or too light. Blur can also be very difficult to repair, and if we cannot we will let you know.