Online Slang Dictionary. You can build word lists, you can choose the size of words, the starting letters, the ending, or even words that contain letters of your choice. the very best of a group 3 most suitable, advantageous, desirable, attractive, etc. This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of best be is. Define best. Translate Best. This method of closing a letter is best used with longer, more formal emails, letters of rejection, and those correspondences that may contain difficult topics. best synonyms, best pronunciation, best translation, English dictionary definition of best. 3. largest; most: the best part of a best off definition, meaning, English dictionary, synonym, see also 'Best',at best',best boy',best end', Reverso dictionary, English definition, English vocabulary We have the answer. Get the best of definition: to surpass , defeat, or outwit ; better | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Relevance ranks synonyms and suggests the best matches based on how closely a synonyms sense matches the sense you selected. Sentences with the word best What is the meaning of the word best? See 5 authoritative translations of Best in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations. I was the best in class and that meant that everyone would try to beat me and become the new best. They are the best of the best!' The slang word / phrase / acronym best be means... . It's to do with frequencies (or wavelengths or something else I know nothing about) rather than buttons. If a person is the best among the worst it means he has the most good qualities among the group of Definition of top-tier in US English - of the highest level or quality The "Best Before What is the definition of "Best Before Date"? Surpassing all others in excellence, achievement, or quality; most excellent: the best performer; the best grade of ore. 2. best. adj. Although it performs specialized functions better than an integrated system, this type of system is limited by its specialty area. Perhaps it's fitting that, far from being the motivational anthem of grunge, the song is really about a bitter breakup Some words that mean the best of the best are acme, pinnacle, optimum, unrivaled, unparalleled, unsurpassed, top drawer, top of the line, or supreme. Create word lists. 2 most excellent of a particular group, category, etc. Definition of at its best in the Idioms Dictionary. a good example: `10 students in the class got A's - the are the best! Most food items have a printed date (use by, sell before, expiration or best before date). Best of five means out of 5 sets, the player who wins 3 sets out of 5, wins the match. What is the definition of "Best Before Date"? The top of the dial is the upper end of the band the program is being broadcast on. Interjection Superlative of good 1. Definition of best - of the most excellent or desirable type or quality 2 of those students got 100% plus all the extra credit! adj. How do you pronounce the word best? It is a process that they developed to understand the meaning of a word. English meaning of "best and brightest" (expr.) What is another word for best? 4 the best part of most of. Meaning of Best of the Best. What does Best of the Best mean? In my experience, that means all the way to the right or at least to the last station to the right on the dial. In my experience, the phrase in the best sense of the term is used to convey the positive opinion of the person using the phrase, or to describe someone or something in a In other words, you gave something best of you to him, something best what you have. Search also in: Web News Encyclopedia Images. To get the best of something/somebody. Not that this is a rule but in American English a comma is generally used after the greeting and after to get the best of two situations Example Sentences: A: Is Vancouver a good place to study English? "He is by far the best student" means that no other student is close in quality to him --it could either mean that he is What is the opposite of best? What does Foo Fighters's song Best of You mean? What does Best Bet expression mean? To fulfill varying requirements, organizations often use best of breed systems from separate vendors. of the highest quality, excellence, or standing: the best work; the best students. Definition of Best of the Best in the dictionary. Best Bet phrase. Jump to: ... An ellipsis for "I wish you all the best of luck" or a similar phrase. The best among the worst literally means what it says. What does at its best expression mean? And "you" (in that sentence) got that the best side of "you" to "me". Synonyms for best of the best at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. 2. most advantageous, suitable, or desirable: the best way. More formal Sincerely yours, Yours sincerely, or even just Sincerely Less formal Sincerely, Kind / Best / Warm regards, Regards, *Best wishes Informal Best (wishes), Regards, Just write your name, See you, Thanks, etc., etc. the best of the best definition, the best of the best meaning | English dictionary. best chance for success Example Sentences: If you want to improve your vocabulary, your best bet would be to study using Definition of Best Bet in the Idioms Dictionary. A best of breed system is the best system in its referenced niche or category. best practice in sth Many employers want to adopt best practice in management of their people, but do not know what this is. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Urban Dictionary is full of some of the most ridiculous and insane terms youve ever heard - especially in terms of sex. Most food items have a printed date (use by, sell before, expiration or best before date). Using with best regards as a closure to an email or letter tells the recipient that you respect him or her and that you wish them the best. What's the meaning and origin of the phrase 'The best laid schemes of mice and men'? "He is the very best student" means that there are many excellent students, but he is better than the others. Best of five means out of 5 sets, the player who wins 3 sets out of 5, wins the match. at its best phrase. The "Best Before Dictionary and Word of the Day. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. "You got the best of me" - this means that you have some good sides, some bad sides, some worst sides, and some best sides. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. 1 the superlative of good.