Best Color Combinations for Interior Design

Every color has its character. It sets the atmosphere of the room and affects your mood. Therefore, you should be scrupulous about the choice of color scheme for interior design. Let's look at the characteristics of the most popular colors and find out the best combinations for your interior.

First of all, ask yourself what mood you want to create in a particular room. For example, in the bedroom, you need a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. For the study, it is better to use those colors that encourage you to work productively. And in the living room, you should use shades that help relax and chill out.

White pIt is often used for wall decoration in the living room, study, or bedroom. It visually expands the space, and therefore, is perfect for small apartments. The white color helps to think clearly, incites to creativity, and sets for a good working mood.
Perfect color combinations:
  • white, gray, beige;
  • white, beige, yellow;
  • white, pink, beige.


It emphasizes other colors with its neutrality. Moreover, it can be used in any room: light shades are good for the bedroom, and dark gray is ideal for working mood. Although you should not choose slate-gray as the main color as it is very depressive and associated with sadness.
Perfect color combinations:

  • gray, white, beige;
  • gray, white, pink;
  • gray, blue, brown.


This is one of the most advantageous colors for interior design. Firstly, it relaxes and causes positive emotions. Secondly, you can find an appropriate shade for each room. In the bedroom, it is better to use light green, in the study – olive or bright green, and in the living room – whitish green, gray-green, or quiet dark green.

Perfect color combinations:

  • green, white, beige;
  • olive, gray, brown;
  • green, brown, dark red.

This is the perfect color for children's room. In other cases, yellow should be used carefully. This color is very cheerful and bright, so the interior can get too saturated. A good option is a light yellow color, which is successfully used for decorating bedrooms and living rooms.

Perfect color combinations:

  • yellow, white, gray;
  • yellow, orange, green;
  • yellow, white, brown.

Brilliant violet – is the choice of ingenious people. But even if you are not inclined to non-standard interior designs, you should think about choosing violet as the main shade. This is the color of rest and recuperation. Light violet (lavender-blue) is the best choice for the bathroom or bedroom as it helps to relax with a loved one. Brilliant violet looks especially good in the children's room. Dark violet creates the right atmosphere in the living room.

Perfect color combinations:

  • light violet, white, beige;
  • violet, white, pink;
  • violet, gray, brown.

It is better not to use this color as the main one. It irritates the eyes, screams, and creates an atmosphere of tension and stress. But if you like red very much, use its shades: burgundy, terracotta, or quite dark-red.

Perfect color combinations:

  • red, white, black;
  • red, gray, brown;
  • terracotta, light gray, beige.

Black color is considered gloomy, but that is not quite the case. After all, it makes the room stylish and presentable. Black is a beautiful and complex color that can be used in interior design. But it should be dull and does not glitter in the sunlight. You can emphasize this color with the shades of gray, contrasting colors, or textures like wood and metal.

Perfect color combinations:

  • black, white, brown;
  • black, beige, gray;
  • black, gray, yellow;
  • black, gray, purple.
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