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Blog Design Pricing

{Completely Custom} Blog Design: $95
- a full design

- 2 or 3 columns
- all designs are custom created using your color and image specifications

- Custom header
- Custom background matched to template
- Up to 3 photo credits at either iStockphoto, Stockxpert, or Fotolia (additional credits are $1.50 each)
- Coordinating side links
- Button to promote your blog
- Post signature
- Menu/navigational bar
- includes installation

{Completely Unique} Header and Color Match: $65
- Custom header
- Color matching of current blog template (for post titles, links, background etc)
- 3 Coordinating side links
1 photo credit at either iStockphoto, Stockxpert, or Fotolia (additional credits are $1.50 each)
- includes signature
- all designs are created from your specifications
- includes installation

{Completely You} Header Design: $35
- a header design created from your specifications and choice of image(s)/picture(s)
- for Blogger, TypePad*, or WordPress*
- installation is not included

* For TypePad, you must have a TypePad Pro or Plus account; for WordPress, you must have an upgraded wordpress.com account or your own domain

{a la carte}

Blog Buttons -
- Promote your blog/carnival/giveaway/promotion
- 125 x 125px (or smaller)

Blog Banner button -$20
- 375 x 75px (or smaller)
- Do you have a regular theme you post about on your blog? Use a blog banner button so people can easily recognize it.

Calling Cards to match your blog - file only: $18; 50 for $30; 100 for $45